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Rice and spring rolls Vietamese food

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Breaking with history and culture, Vietnam will leave you awestruck. From the bustling Ho Chi Minh City (also known as Saigon), to the mystical Vietnam War relic, the underground Cu Chi Tunnel system, to the beautiful beaches of Mui Ne and the lofty heights of Sapa's crazy rice paddies, this country is among extremes: extreme landscapes, severe culture, and extreme colour. A treasure trove of history, culture, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and a few of the most amazing food around.

Vietnam has one of the most robust economies in the developing world, it is a nation that exemplifies tenacity, determination and spirit. In its long history, the Vietnamese individuals have kept China at bay for over a millennium, warded off three Mongol invasions, and, in more recent times, stated success over the United States in what they call the American War. It is a fascinating and intriguing nation, with amazing landscapes and undiscovered gems.